Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shoebox cards from Burwell

The first card was provided by Earla. Any sentiment could be added to this card. Thanks, Earla.
This card was provided by Stella. I love butterflies! Thanks, Stella.
This card was provided by Linda. Beautiful butterflies! Thanks, Linda.
This card was provided by Pat. Great technique of piecing paper to look like quilting. Once you got the hang of it, it was neat how it turned out. Thanks, Pat.
This card was provided by Nancy. I may have changed her design some, but the watermelon idea made out of circles was something I had forgotten about doing. Thanks, Nancy.
The last card was provided by Loretta. Wish you could have stayed to stamp with us. I'm glad you left your card for us all to make. I may have changed the design some too on this card. Another great masculine card. Thanks, Loretta.
As always, the day was great! I enjoy getting the chance to visit with friends and stamp in Burwell.

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