Friday, November 16, 2012

Explosion Photo Box

Here is a craft item that I'm going to make for the craft show that is coming up quickly, Saturday, Dec. 1. I found this idea on the Internet and got to thinking how this would be a fun activity to do for my family. You know how after all the presents have been opened, the tree looks so empty underneath. I'm going to start making an explosion photo box each year and it can remain under the tree after all the gifts are gone. It will be fun to take pictures, have everyone add some journaling or thoughts, put them in the explosion photo box, and then look at them the next year and years to come after that. Maybe you would like to try this too. If you need instructions, just email me. It really is a fast and fun activity. This photo box has just the bare minimum for decorations. The decorating of the box and pages would be endless.

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