Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Creel/Fishing Scrapbooking Project

Friends of our church were blessed to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary so I knew I needed to make them something special. They both enjoy fishing so I thought I could tie the celebration and fishing together. I have several pictures so I will spread them out over the next few days. Here is the Creel made out of chipboard and covered with cardstock. I'm making a second creel for my son for his wedding day, but that one I've covered with burlap instead of cardstock. I'll share photos when I'm done with that one later. I've added the embellishments (greenery, compass, bobber, fish net) on the top.

Notice the "great catch" sticker on the flap.
I cut their picture out of the newspaper and placed it under the small flap.
The creel opens up to reveal all the extra stuff to place a bunch of their memories.
You can see part of the fish on this picture. Closer pictures will come later.
I bet you are in great suspense. Just kidding!

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