Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last chance for the current catalog & Shirt tutorial

Just wanted to make sure you are aware that tomorrow, May 31, is the last chance to order items from the current catalog. I will be putting in one last order, if anyone should need anything, email me and I can include it with this last chance order. I already have ideas from the new catalog that I'm anxious to share with you.

The family, minus one (Levi is in Houston, TX), enjoyed a quick camping trip over the Memorial Day weekend. No Internet, no phones, just campfires, fishing, and spending time with each other.

This week I've had VBS each morning so the days are just zooming by. The morning is spent at church and then I spend part of the afternoon preparing for the next day. This doesn't leave much time for stamping.

I did put together an idea to share with you. It's a start to a Father's Day card, and you can take it from there. I made this shirt for my husband a couple years ago so I had to take his apart to remember how I had made it.

You take a piece of designer series paper that measures 4 x 6 inches.
Fold the piece in half the long way. Keep the side of the paper you want to see on the outside. My shirt will be the beige color.
Fold each side in toward the middle crease. Here is the right side folded in.
Here is a picture of both sides folded to the middle.

Turn the piece over and on one end, fold down 1/4 inch.
Turn the piece back over to the other side. Fold the right, folded down corner to the middle crease and angle down about 1/4 inch. Crease the angle on the side.
Do the same on the other side. Have the left, folded down corner edge match at the middle crease.
From the top short end, measure down approximately 2 1/4 inches and fold the piece out from there until the side crease.
A ruler might help with this crease.
Do the same on the other side.

It should look like this so far.
Fold the bottom up and tuck the bottom under the folded down piece (this is the shirt collar).
This picture hopefully shows what I mean to tuck under the collar pieces. Crease the bottom of the shirt.
I took a 1/4 inch by 2 1/4 inch piece of black card stock and cut little pieces out to make the tie look like it has been tied.
I also trimmed the bottom to a point.
Here are the little shirts I've made. They measure 3 inches tall and about 3 3/4 inches from sleeve to sleeve edges.
See what you can make with these little shirts. They are cute all by themselves. If you have any questions, just email me and I'll see if I can answer them. Enjoy!

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