Saturday, December 1, 2012

Craft Show 2012

What a great day! The craft show was a huge success. I had 17 vendors and everyone said they had a great day. God blessed us with fantastic weather and all the extra activities that the town had scheduled brought a wonderful crowd to town. Here are a few pictures of my table, if you are interested. My big sellers were the FAMILY frame, many different cards, snowmen made from the mini milk carton (were in my last post), and the mini scrapbooks.
I did have a lot of chuckles with the "Husband's Survival Kit." I put a Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Birthday, and a Just because card into a packet with directions enclosed. The gal purchases the "Husband's Survival Kit" and gives to her guy so that he has the four cards to give to her on those special occasions. I made 10 packs and sold 4 of them. It was a great conversation piece. I'm exhausted and really have no desire to even look at a craft right now. I do have a few orders to fill so I will get myself motivated to get those finished and be able to enjoy the holidays. It's been a busy time preparing, but it really was a fun day.

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