Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Here's a few close up pictures of craft items.
Once again I sold out of the windowsill angels. I've made different versions of this angel over the years, but the words have never changed. Every year I sell out of these angels. This angel has a very special story behind it. (If interested, here's the story . . . ) I had seen this angel many years ago at a dear friend's house, Beulah Scofield. I had mentioned to Beulah that I would love to borrow the angel to get the pattern and make some for a craft idea. Probably over a year had passed and after church one day my family stopped at the local quick stop and Beulah was in there having a sandwich. She had her sandwich half eaten and got up and said she needed to go get that angel for me. I told her it wasn't necessary, especially because she was right in the middle of eating her dinner. She insisted and out the door she went. She left her sandwich and wallet sitting on the table. I can still picture it in my mind. Anyway, she returned with the angel and we went on our way. That was the last time I saw Beulah. I'm not sure on the lapse of time, but Beulah ended up in the hospital and she didn't return to her home, but joined our Lord in heaven. So I had this angel for quite a while (again, I don't know for sure on the amount of time), but eventually the angel was returned to one of her family members after I met Nancy, Beulah's daughter. Ever since, Nancy and I have built a friendship. So I believe all things happen for a reason and we just have to notice what is going on around us.

I've kept the price of the angel as low as I can because I want to sell as many of them as I can. So far, I've sold out every time I've had them at craft shows. This may seem strange, but I feel that I need to continue making the angels.
This FAMILY frame is 11 x 14. I had seen this idea on Internet and I knew I had to try it. I only had time to make two of them and they both sold to a couple wonderful friends. I hope they will enjoy them or be able to give them as gifts to their family or friends. I'm going to make more of these because I want one hanging on my wall. I used the Mocha designer series paper for the squares. It is so nice because the paper all matches. I did throw in the blue from the Well Worn designer series paper. I liked how it turned out. I did some heat embossing, added ribbon, punched some edges on some paper and added a few embellishments. I think this would make an awesome bridal shower gift and I could put the letters of their last name instead of family. My mind is always working.
Here are the washcloth cupcakes. I used the cupcake wrapper die (no longer available in the catalog), wrapped a washcloth, stitched and gathered a ribbon top, and stuck a tooth pick with a red pom pom hot glued to the end through the ribbon down the washcloth. I made boxes that the cupcakes fit in that had a ribbon handle with a tag attached to the ribbon (photo below). The tag opened up and had a poem in the inside. Here's the poem . . .
Don’t get excited
and don’t get misled,
this isn’t a real cupcake,
but a washcloth instead.

Enjoy the cupcake,
but when you are through,
unwrap your small gift,
a ‘no calorie’ treat for you.

Here's several items in this picture. The hand bags are made to hold greeting cards so you can give cards as a gift or just to store your cards in. In the basket toward the back there are composition notebooks that I covered with designer series paper, made a bookmark (it's made of a hair tie, ribbon, and flower embellishment) that goes around the cover of the book, and there's a matching pen. The bear pins are mounted on card stock. I made them out of polymer clay and have a mold of a bear. The gift card holders look like a Starbucks cups. The top part of the cup pulls out and a gift card can be attached to the brown (coffee) inside. The blue, red, and green little things in the front are more bear pins. I made the bear sticking out of a little stocking. The tins have nugget candies that have been wrapped with designer series paper. I wrapped a ribbon around the tin and have two tags. One is a Christmas greeting and the other is a short poem about having good intentions of making a homemade treat, but because of being so busy, here's this year's homemade fudge (candy bars).

Here again are the washcloth cupcakes. The boxes are to the right. In front of them are the two mini scrapbook albums I whipped together the morning of the show up until 4:00 a.m. I did sell them both so they might be a good item to make more of for future craft shows. Wow! I believe this is a long enough blog this time. Guess I got to rambling.

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