Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"My Guy" mini album continued . . .

Here is the fishing page. My boys are avid fishermen so I had to include this page. The pattern didn't have this idea so this is one of my own or well, my son drew me a picture of waders on a sticky note. The green is suppose to look like waders. The straps have magnets on them to hold them shut. The flannel shirt flaps open to reveal places to put photos.

The last page is the hunting page. This one I had to look on Internet to see what a hunting vest would look like. The shirt is made from camo looking paper.
The front pockets have tiny tags in them for pictures. I used magnets to hold the flaps shut.
 The vest unties at the bottom and flips up to reveal the camo shirt.
 The camo shirt flips up to reveal the pants pocket and places to put photos.
On the back, I made the vest all orange. When you lift it up there are places for pictures too.
 Again, all the shirt collars pull out from the pocket and gives even more places to put photos.
 Here's the back cover. Nothing fancy, but another photo could go here. I added a stamped image "Memories preserved by" at the bottom and signed my name.

I purchased a Bind-It-All (Merry Christmas to me!) to make the binding. I added ribbon and fabric tied around the binding for decoration. I hope the girls like them.

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