Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Latest mini album

Hope everyone has survived the Christmas holiday. We still have the Dexter Christmas tomorrow and then we will have the New Year to celebrate. I finally finished after three days of pretty steady work on the "My Guy" mini albums. I made three of these albums. Two go to the boys' girlfriends and one is for me to keep as a pattern and to show you guys when I see you in person. They were a lot of fun and I'm sure I'll make more in the future. I'll upload a few pictures and probably upload more in the days to come. Since being at home the upload is a lot slower than when I upload at school so I'll have to spread them out. The album is made up of four pages. I bought the pattern online, but ended up making one of the sample pages and then revamped the other three to meet the interests of my boys. So the album has a dressed up look, a t-shirt page, a fishing page, and a hunting page. The original pattern has a dressed up look, a golfer page, a flannel shirt page, and a sweats/t-shirt page. You probably have to see it to understand. Anyway, here is the cover.
The first page is a well-dressed man. I held the jacket together with velcro.
Opening the jacket flaps gives opportunities to put pictures or journal on the tags. The collar pulls out which is a tag that you can add pictures to both sides.
Here is the second page. The white collar pulls out as a tag and the red t-shirt lifts up to reveal places for pictures. I went on Internet to get the Husker logo and printed it out to add to the t-shirt.

I'll upload the other two pages tomorrow.

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