Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flip Card

I enjoyed seeing the ladies in Ainsworth for stamp club last night. We made the Elements of Style card that we made at the Chambers stamp club last week and then a flip card. While in Burwell last Saturday, Loretta's shoebox card was a flip card. Thanks Loretta for the idea! I enjoyed making it so decided that would be the card to share with the Ainsworth group. I think they enjoyed seeing how easy the process went to get the flip part of the card.

Here are the two samples I made . . . I'm just loving the Trust God word stamp set. It seems like it is the only one I've used for words since I got the set.
The cutting of the Labels Collection edgelit is what makes the card. The Big Shot sandwich is the platform, a clear cutting plate, the card stock, the edgelit, and then the other clear cutting plate. The first photo shows how to just cut the larger portion of the edgelit. The clear cutting plate needs to be right on the 2 3/4 inch score line so only that part will cut and not the whole edgelit. Leave the edgelit attached to the card stock and switch the card stock around to cut the other smaller edge. Again, remember to line up the clear cutting plate at the 3 3/4 inch score line. Just email me and I can send you the complete instructions that I share with the stamp club, if you want.
Here are a few more photos to help you see what I've done.

You have the cut on the ends and not through the inch in the middle of the card.
Crease the left part of the card as a mountain fold (at the 2 3/4 in. score line) and then a valley fold (at the 3 3/4 in score line). The card will flip open and shut. Pretty cool!
I added a piece of white cardstock that was cut out using the same edgelit for the message on the inside of the card. It also hides the score lines.
These are so much fun to make. Enjoy!

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